Thursday, April 2, 2015

Major Waffling

Ever since my later high school days, I've been indecisive about my career path. Ideally, I'd major in English and minor in Creative Writing. However, I also feel that I ought to take advantage of the presented opportunities to learn new things and secure a career.
I feel that a job in STEM would enable me to further forge paths of research (not to mention pay off loans more quickly), but I feel that the liberal-arts half of my brain would lend me a more rounded education. And besides, don't the sciences require just as much creativity as the arts? Without radical, outside-the-box thinkers, we'd have neither Apple nor Microsoft. Conversely, many successful science-fiction writers had a firm grip on real science. Combining vastly different elements in unique ways is no guarantee of success, but it certainly doesn't seem to harm one's chances or mindset.
I currently intend to double-major in English Literature and Computer Science, with possible minors in any combination of two or three of the following: Classics, Physics, Mathematics, Art, or a foreign language. Eventually, I'd like to write full-time, but I wouldn't mind a job in the software business while my written endeavors take off. I could even blog about technology in addition to writing fiction and screenplays (and occasionally, poetry).
We need to stop pigeonholing careers and educational paths. Often, a fresh perspective is just what the world needs.

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