Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Meeting Orson Scott Card

Last night (Tuesday, June 10, 2014), I finally met Mr. Orson Scott Card, the author of Ender's Game, among various other works. 
For the sake of focus and for that of tranquility, this will not be a post about homophobia or any other such allegations; if I am to address those issues, it shall be later, in a relevant context, after having done my research.
Scott was a very nice, charming man. Before his speech and question-and-answer session with the general reading public, he had agreed to meet some members of my library's young-adult book club in the back room of a local indie bookstore. I was delighted to shake Scott's hand as well as that of Aaron Johnston, his coauthor in Earth Awakens. One interesting fact about Aaron is that he is not merely a novelist: he also writes comic-book scripts, illustrates comics, and (according to Scott) is a very talented comedic improv actor. Also, Scott apparently directs plays.
All of this is quite encouraging, as I am interested in multiple forms of art. I had worried that I could not do all of the ones which interested me the most, but I think one can master at least a few things and still be decent at a number of others without becoming the proverbial jack of all trades.
Another thing Card said was not to befriend other writers. Oops. For me, this has been done far too often already, but I took this my own way: Do not befriend other writers exclusively, for doing so would present a rather narrow view of humanity. Fortunately for me, I have many friends, acquaintances, and other such connections in a vast array of fields and professions.
He said that being a full-time writer differs from writing on the side while having a separate day job, which I'd imagine are indeed quite different.
I know which one I prefer, but not which one I'll end up doing.

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