Friday, June 13, 2014

What I Read During the Debut I: "L'Ombre du Chevalier (The Knight's Shadow)"

The knight, strong and gallant,
Strides up to the gloomy fortress,
Not knowing that this time
He will find no glory.

The princess has been locked away
For over three decades,
But is said to still possess
Strength and beauty.

The dragon, horned and winged
And wearing cold, stony scales,
Awaits her next meal,
Who has come of his own free will.

The knight sneaks into the tower
Of the ominous fortress,
Sure to find his heart’s desire.

He locates her before long.

Her eyes open,
Yellow discs slitted with black,
And she spews flame upon her rescuer,
For whom all escapes are dashed;
The captive is the captor,
Waiting for yet another meal.

Silver armor melts around flaking flesh;
The stench of his own frying blood
Drives him mad, and he dies in the inferno.

The she-dragon needs never hunt,
For her meals are all foolish enough
To seek her out on their own.

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