Friday, June 13, 2014

What I Read During the Debut III: "The Attack"

You may feel strong
Because you have strength
Of body, not mind
But you are weak
You are not strong
You’re pathetic
You worm-fodder
Cowardly piece of lying hiding scum
You felt tough
On top of the jolly fucking world
On top of me
Because you have a degree
A quarter of a century’s groveling
Wasted on a shiny paper
Tackling youth for a living
Because you have allies
Number is quantity
Not quality
Quality is in your words
Your actions
And they certainly have it
But not a high sort
Beating up adolescents
Does not make you
A strong person
If anything
It makes you the weakest one
But here dwell I
Stewing in frustration
Of the lies you told
And my own blood-kin’s eager belief
Because you’re nothing
Insignificant worm
Waste of life
Lying filth
Horrid child-beating scum
Whose very breath is a crime
Against nature
We’re all better off
Without you
I know I am.

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