Friday, June 13, 2014

QRB: The Debut

Barely an hour ago concluded a highlight and milestone in my life as well as my career as a writer and performer.
The Quail Ridge Books & Music Teen Writers Collective, of which I am a senior member, has been for many years a haven for young poets, novelists, scriptwriters, essayists, and nearly every other kind of writer imaginable. Within the past year or so, however, it's become more than that: now, it is a home away from home, and we are a closely-knit family bound by a love of the written word and for one another.
Until this past evening, we had been a private (albeit open) group, reading things to one another. This time, we read a selection of our works to a more-or-less public audience. We may even have gained some future members, given that three people from the audience opted to perform. Also among the watchers was a man representing a publishing house. Good news, eh?
I performed five poems, titled "L'Ombre du Chevalier (The Knight's Shadow)," "Rainbows and Spectra," "The Attack," "The Prisoner," and "Four Lines of the End" (the last of which sorely needs a better title). I'll post them all later, after a few post-show edits: performing something is a great way to realize what doesn't sound as good, or what can be improved upon. That's the beauty of writing and performing.
Now, my hope is that we can integrate this sort of event into our schedule in the future: not too often, but maybe two to four times a year. It seems a worthy goal.

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